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Light 2 Art

On this page you will find my best andmost complex lamp. I am worldwide the only person who has the ability to manufacture these lamps with the continuous pattern around. They combine technical and natural components in an ideal way. On the chemical point of view the material is identical, both consist of silicon dioxide. The internal order gives the agate a bigger severity than glass normally can have.

The agate is framed with glass stripes in a plate keeping the pattern continuing. To be able to keep the pattern indestructible the stripes and the agate has to be mitred with diamond tools. So each of these inimitable lamps are one-of-a-kind.

To my best lamps of the years

show with little pictures of my agate lamps

The intension of this site is to find investors to establish an Artwork manufacture which would give me the opportunity to produce such lamps in a more efficient way than I perform working on my own.

It might even be possible to find someone who gives me a chance to present my best lamps at an exhibition in Moscow or even Tokyo. Now you might think I am crazy, but please take a longer look at my very decorative lamps yourself.

If you consider to cooperate with me and you are not sure about the fact that the variaty of my products is sufficient or if there are more of these unique light fixtures, you can take a look at the the best lamps produced in between 1985 to 2000. It would be also possible to produce and distribute also these lamps to a reasonable price.

Considering since when I registered my patent for these reflector-lamps and how long all these other photos are set up at the internet are there no similar lamps anywhere in sight.

Some people think that the real reason for the small request is the design of the inimitable lamps and that people would not buy such lamp s.

Here shown in a absolute artistic example and now ready 4 producing: the Column Lamps Burning Nature
made out of one glass plate, displays the 4th Row of my decorative lamp designs.

Here you can find the Answers to your questions, if them are generally.

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This lamp is old, but special.


March 2022