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1.Which browser in what mode is the best to observe the photo gallery?

2.Where do I find the prices of the shown objects?

3.Why the different grey backgrounds?

4.Why are the hyperlinks so dark?

5. Why the double-railed navigation?

6.Why are the thumbnails in the galleries not the same size and sometimes non symmetrical?

7. How to navigate in the galleries?

8. Why don't try to start my own manufacture alone?

9. Why should I keep going on although today's success is not as planned?

10. Why does the same object in the galleries once is named lamp another time light?


The sides are fitted for a display size of 1024*768 px, and as a browser I recommend IE6 (with direkt music) or Firefox ( music if you scroll down)

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The shown light objects are not for sale. They are made in a timeless production, and are listed as very high artworks.

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For the different grey tones ( all the way to black ) I want to say, that my passion for variation in all forms comes to shine. Even though black, grey, white and other mixes like those are often not classified as colors. And unlike a book and its papers, the screen is actively lightened up, it was logical to me to make the contrast between writing and background mild, to make it easier for the reader, and to rest his or her eyes. And on top of all that, this site if mostly filled with pictures, and it makes the pictures stand out more. The grey background should have the viewer's focus more on the non standing out objects in the picture.

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The hyperlinks are not "highlighted" on my side either, they have another different contrast. The viewer or reader is therefore forced to pay more attention, if he wants to know what is behind all of it.

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For the navigation I have to say, it was a must. But now when I look back and make a conclusion, it can bring a lot of advantages to the site in the future. My system is more variable, and other purposes won't be hidden so easily. And my personal profile will still come to light and can be seen.

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For the galleries and the objects of the month I cared more about the optimal size of the pictures, than about symmetry and representation of the thumbnails. And every now and then there is some irregular effects build in. The same way a symmetrical face would appear boring, I think uniformity is something that steps us and does not allow us to have an exact view. It is also impossible to make the "same" appearance for everybody since not everybody has the same browser.

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You can select between a gallery page with a description and more thumbnails (linked with the picture), or the Link in the name take you to this Lamp's very large picture. The buttons on the left side of the top of these big picture can bring you through the whole gallery.

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Systematically looked at, it is the biggest mistake to try to "bite off" too much at once. For a sea eagle this can be deadly. Because under pressure the eagle may not be able to rise back up if the fish is too big, and the bird will drown..

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I believe in my qualities, and I know the objects will one day be on top, because they are much harder to make then it seems. And I also want to see many of my special agate disks in a glass disk with standing out patterns. I am also anxious to see the first light, because only then you can see and predict the whole image..

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This is a try to have the search engines gather a broad success. Which uses the best Site if it can't be found easily? And the different variations of the titles are so the search engines can find them easier. The blue writing on top of the home page belongs to this tactic as well. .