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"Lamp Blue Baroque"

The column shaft of this inimitable lamp is made out of one blue, white and clear Spectrum Baroque glass disk. I had to cut it into thin, long stripes and grindet them to mitre to be able to build the lamps column with the ongoing pattern of this one disk. I gave this lamp it's name "Blue Baroque" because it's maine colour and the glass producer named the glass Baroque. Because, I think, the splines on the surface, which are runnnig with the flowing white and blue patterns.

The black and clear agate slice looks very deep and highly integrated in the object. At the last two pictures you can see some nice lens-effects in this slice.

Mass of the lamp:     heigt: 615 mm, width: 152 mm, depth: 124 mm;
Mass of the agate:     166 mm x 147 mm, and it is 6 mm thick

 Lamp Blue Baroque