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Thoughts about the material and the patterns

Agates fascinate me for several reasons. They show me in an aesthetic way how manifold and useful nature is as long as human beings use its resources and do not try to rule it with a technique.

What makes me think like this is that these materials use to be the start of crafting tools and weapons in the beginning of mankind. They started off with simple sticks and stones and later they manufactured all kind tools and weapons (example of nice modern made points) out of , obsidian , agate and equal materials. During stone age for example flint was exhausted on the German island of Rügen and was sometimes traded (in conjunction with amber) far to the south of Europe.

chin.3000 years old sign for agate Later on >cameos and signets or even tankards and pods were cut from agate . The last height of agate leads us to the beginning of technics where the organic lighter (firestone and steal) of these days was used as ignition. After this the material became stale and was now only used as gemstone or in flint mills and formed as balls in pharmaceutical pebble mills. My intension was to set up small monuments for this special material here.

the lighted agate at the top of Lamp Red Jellyfish

My lamps should delight the observer and they should be animated to think about the man worlds history in longer terms. What I am trying to say is that a polished agate slice framing into stripes of a glass plate could give a very good example of how to treat nature. It means to select a piece of nature, adjust it and use it with consideration of the environment, the circumstances and the times. The glass and the agate together appear to be something special and new and even more delightful when lighted.

Nowadays people are made to think they can rule the nature with technique and people who live "back to nature" are named primitives. What people do not realize is that mankind has developed backwards during the last 30 000 years. That means that the development of humankind has fallen back compare to the technical development.

We all know a lot of laws of nature and use some of them. But there is one rule which hardly anybody knows and will probably bring us the end of humankind. This law says: the number of individuals of one kind is reverted proportional to the mass of their bodies. Very bright, isn't it?

Even though people think that the technique is going to get us out of this trap. Maybe may artwork will give in impulse to think it over - Because a rule of chaos says: the smallest wind can be the beginning of a hurricane!

chin. sign for agate
* chin.3000 years old sign for agate.