"Leonardo Lamp"

This inimitable lamp should remind you to what Leonardo da Vinci said about his art:
To let my work looking easy, is the hardest work at the art.

In this case I would win a medal. Every normal, looking at this lamp, seeing the expected ongoing pattern and saying: Nice! But why should this be art?
The experts were mostly also caught by this mantrap.

No one believes (for years) that I am the only man which can produce this lamps. No sign of art today, you insist?

This might be right today, but listen to my Intro.

Mass of the lamp     heigt 605 mm;   width 150 mm;  depth 110 mm
Mass of the agate     162 mm x 148 mm;  and it is 5 mm thick

lighted Lamp Black Magic Candlelight frontside, seen from steep above