here you can find the Sir Norman Foster Cottonwood Tree Lamp
my other sides shows many more inimitable glass agate lamps

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Light 2 Art

" Sir Norman Foster Cottonwood Tree Lamp"

Here I show You some new pictures of an older lamp of mine. In the end of the 80's my wife and friends named this lamp a green rocket, while the project name was cottonwood tree.

Some years later builds Sir Norman Foster in London the Gherkin Tower , a much bigger but similar form as you can see. As I saw this building, my first thought was, that I had to rename this nearly forgotten green lamp "Sir Norman Foster's Cottonwood Tree".

The style the lamp was build in, was patented to me in 1992. I used this style to make stylized trees like the here shown lamp or to build many nice reflector lamps.

the greatest picture of lighted lamp Sir Norman Foster Cottonwood Tree

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