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Light 2 Art

"3 Giants Lamps"

To honour the great team of the 2007 NY Giants, I named the three here shown objects 3 Giants Lamps. I think, no none American than me knows how importants of the sport system (and here the football game especially) is for the development of nation, community and the integration of their individuals.

All three inimitable lamps were made out of one glass sheet and composed as body with the (nearly) same pattern as them. The Spectrum glass is out of USA and the agate slices came from Brazil.

Mass of the lamp     height: 600 mm, width: 165 mm, depth:140 mm
Agate slice:     150 mm x 154 mm

the lighted 3 Giants Lamp Eli seen from step above

Mass of the lamp   height:650mm, width: 140 mm, depth:135 mm
Agate slice:     130 mmm x 160 mm

3 Giants Lamps Michael (lighted) + Eli (out)

Mass of the lamp   height:585mm, width: 160 mm, depth:135 mm
Agate slice:     140 mmm x 155 mm

all 3 Giants Lamps on one picture

Light2Art show many other lamps made with the glass of the Spectrum Glass Company.