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Glass Studios

joelovelamps Joe makes great lamps out of little agate slices.    (en)

GlassArtists A free online photo gallery where glass artists can display photos of their art.
Create your own personalized online portfolio gallery to display photos of your artwork.    (en)



Heinrich Ilmari Rautio`s gallery (Maler/Painter).   (fi,en)

Florist Bangalore Fast and efficient services: send beautiful fresh flowers and other gifts to Bangalore.  (en)

Monkdogz Monkdogz Urban Art    (en) These site shows Agate and other Minerals.    (de)

the Lamp Red Flame is made out of one glass sheet by Lamberts

one of my best lamps out of the glass Glashütte Lamberts, Waldsassen.   (de)

Lamp Flame out of Uroboros Ripple glass

one of my lamp designs out of Uroboros Glass Studio    (en)

the lamp Black Baroque made out of one sheet of Spectrum glass

Light2Art show many lamps made with the glass of the Spectrum Glass Company    (en)


D'art, fine art, find art from thousands of web sites.    (en)

Design Directory DesignDirectory    (en)

my own

Artlight-Design My site from 2000 bis 2004    (de)

My Impressum My Impressum and Copyrights    (de)

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