here you can find 11 photos of the lighted Lamp Black Magic Candlelight
my other sides shows many more reflector lamps, glass agate and column lamps

"Lamp Black Magic Candlelight"

The "magic" of this lamp is hidden in the top surface of the Magic Lamp Black Candlelight. It is made out of a long, elliptical agate slice and a very dark red and blue glass plate (2 parts with continuous pattern). Because all three parts are in an own level and the line under the agate (the topline of the middle glass stripe) is in the same level as the agate above your eye like to see the whole part as one level. Now seeing the angel (in the upper line of the 3 top parts) irritates the brain and so it can not decide which should be the right sight! So it comes up with an effect like: the observers eyes (the sight) are jittering around on this surface looking after the fault.

The six particles of the lamps column are broken out of one black and white Spectrum Baroque glass plate, grinded and set together as a body with its continuous patterns. The picture show presents you some great and extra near taken pictures of this special lamp and its effects. On them you can see my definition of ongoing or continuous patterns on glass bodys. The last, near taken picture is with a "Zentimertermass", as your benchmark for my special seams.

Mass of the lamp     heigt 600 mm;   width 112 mm;  depth 128 mm
Mass of the agate     112 mm x 148 mm;  and it is 3.5 mm thick

lighted Lamp Black Magic Candlelight frontside, seen from steep above