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here you can find someting about my ambition

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The purpose of this site is stay in business as an artist. Art means to create new contents and aesthetic values which will help mankind in their further development.

My opinion is that nowadays one of the most difficult tasks is to provide new jobs. Therefore one of my favourite aims was to able to create new jobs with founding a new manufacturing source. All I want is to provide new jobs with good terms of investment for a worldwide distribution of unique products.

If we could work in teams we would be able to produce my designs at a third of the time and therefore would be able to offer my products for more reasonable prices and for a bigger group of people.

If I have to work on my own I have to achieve a lot of operations using up a lot of time, which could be done by anybody else. A lot of time is wasted when I have to move from the cutting table to the grinding or from spot where I glue to the workspace where I solder. This also means to put the earplugs in and out and take of my gloves and putting them back on again and so on...

On my own I am helpless. In the past centuries the kings established manufactures and who does this nowadays?    Nobody so far!

This might be your challenge!