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About me

I was born in Hamburg in 1951 and grew up there until 1969. Then we moved to Oberhausen where I went to school finished school with my O-Level. After school I had to go for 2 years to the German Navy, followed by a move to Cologne where I took on a trainee job with Bayer Leverkusen as a laboratory assistant. Then I went back to school to and passed finished the advanced technical college.

Since then I have been living in Leverkusen without performing the job I was educated in. I follow my interest and skills. I practise strategy, investigate about human kind, nature and technique. My aim is to achieve a very wide global knowledge. To be able to understand complex problems there is more than just being an expert. They sometimes do not understand the complexity of the questions.

And also I try to become an artist. I would like to convert my skills into my job. All I have to do is to found a manufacturing company, which nowadays has become very difficult. I am more of an artist than a business person. I also design and create silver jewellery . Actually I like working with my hands. I like to work on glass, wood, stone, textiles or metal. Therefore my work has a very big variety.

I keep advancing my ideas and products all the time and still work on some ventured assumption. I always try to be up to date on the scientific relevant field. In my opinion there is a great danger in chopping up all our knowledge and educate more specialised experts.

After developing my projects for a long time I now throw a stone into the water to see if my ideas find any feedback. Requests are wanted;