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here you can find someting about my silver design

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Light 2 Art


Lamps have feet and those are usually out metal. Thus I concerned myself inevitably also with the processing of this materials group. I tries to become better and better with my techniques and this led me a daily into that Silver forging course. There I have then scratched a little bit at the silver surface of this art. .

There was each work piece is a new experience. I had to work my Ideas three times before the whole operational sequence is well coordinated and the object looks satisfyingly. The needed tools for this are as various as expensive that makes the restriction in the requirements of the Design inevitable. Thus please do not expect great jewels.

ReflectorLamp with metall spider For my production of ceiling lamps I designed little Silver Spider. Much patience is necessarily needed in this case.

A high point of my ability on this Area is the development of a method to the braze welding at the amber. Spiders, mosquitoes or other small insects are partly enclosed in the amber stones, so the carriers could maintain: "They would have 3 of the world strongest animals in that brooch" (this "stone" contains 3 good-received ants).

Thereby I have also developed my PaleoArt. I am proud of my fish from the pit Messel. These fossils (a similar fish as in the picture of the Hyperlink) are very complex to prepare. The Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt shows the best pieces of that kind.