The other sides shows my very decorative Column lamps,many, nice reflector lamps and tree lamps; Here you can find and download gratis some of my own mp3 of the surf of the sea

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The Lamp Water Column and the surf of the sea as mp3

On this side you can see one of some of my nicest lamps. The first Lamp Water Column is made out of one white and blue Uroboros glassplate. This plate was cut into 12 thin, long stripes. Than I grindet them to mitre to be able building the lamps with the ongoing pattern around its column. You can also see here some of my Agate lamps. Under the pictures of the java show you can find 14 mp3 with my sound of the sea.

To the best lamps of many years

Diashow mit Fotos meiner verschiedenen Lampen

Sounds of the surf of the sea

Download    the heavy surf on the beach (1:22)

Download    surf on cliffs (4:35, 160 Kbps, 5,2 MB)

Download    the gurgle under the landing stage (1:38, 160 Kbps, 1,9 MB)

Download    waves on the sandy beach (2:24, 160 kbps, 2,7 MB)

Download    the waves against the mole (9:43, 160 kbps, 11,3 MB)

Download    midseas swosh (4:09, 160 kbps, 4,7 MB)

Download    the swosh of the Midsea (4:15, 160 kbps, 4,8 MB)

Download    sandy-beach strong-waves (7:26, 160 kbps, 8,8 MB)

Download    waves rocks big rocks (8:38, 160 kbps, 10 MB)

Download    surf of the sea (2:03, 192 kbps, 2,9 MB)

Download    waves on the pebble beach (6:49, 192 kbps, 9,7 MB)

Download    waves on the landing stage (4:18, 192 kbps, 6 MB)

Download    waves of the Midsea (5:32, 192 kbps, 7,9 MB)

Download    the noise of the Atlantic-waves (7:34, 160 kbps, 8,6 MB)

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