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"Lamp Light 2 High"

The column shaft of this inimitable lamp is made out of one black, white and clear Spectrum Baroque glass disk. It has to be cut into thin, long stripes to build the column with the ongoing pattern. For this reason the height of the objects is critical, because the higher and taller the stripes are the more risk is to break them false. And so I gave the lamp this name. The particular attraction of this lamps are, that nearer the comtemplator comes more details he sees and some details may changing there looking. And this twice; once out and once lighted. This pictures only can shows one aspect a time, there for you can click on the buttons below the picture and you will see more aspects of this inimitable lamp. This lamp can be your higjlight in a (before dark) corner.

Mass of the lamp     heigt 612mm;   width 140mm;  depth 120mm
Mass of the agate     148mm x 142mm;  and it is 5mm thick

Lamp Light 2 High