Also in this "building row" I try to accomplish new but also known things by using forms out of the nature. My dream of renewing these works plays a roll as well, so to speak "paleo recycling". As I mentioned before, I only get the chance to collect rarely.

But I will also display some photos of "non harmed" objects in a gallery called "Famous Fossils". "The flower in the vase" is made out of copper thread and sheet copper, including a very attractive oyster (founded Holgate/France). The Blossom stamp stands for a band agate ball. The Vase is a example for a double recycling. The vase was bought by my grandparents at the beginning of the 20th Century as a decanter.

After an accident the decanter was broken and its "head" was chopped off. From then on it was used as a vase. I inherited the vase 15 years ago and filled it with sand as support weight to the opposite side of the oyster. The height of the object is about 710mm. Even the smallest object is made out of copper, a piece of a oyster and a black agate ball.

The last three pictures show a snail. The false view of people who think ammonites are snails got me the inspiration to this object. The house used as ammonite has a diameter of about 45mm and the body of the snail is 98mm long

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flowers and vase flowers and vase little flower flower, detail
flower, detail snail snail snail