Selfmade silver jewels

Finally here are the pictures of the objects I have been talking about rapidly on the previous page. These nine objects are only a small part of my making in this area. They were made and thought of as presents for my wife, who is also my sponsor and helper in my work.

Only the two spiders have been made for the "spider web" - ceiling/corner-lamps plan. The stones in the brooches are agate plates. The stone (1/2 Inch or 15mm diameter) of the green spider is a half round agate as well. The other insect has a body made out of a half round ball (11mm diameter) out of a tiger eye.

Me personally, I like the two brooches with the stylized heads and their silver hair the most. The last picture is a special from me to all other arachnids fans.

two Flower Brooches Agate Brooch long AgateBrooch with curved edge AgateBrooch, head with silverwire hair
AgateBrooch, head with silverwire hair silver pendant Spider Spider with green agate stone
Spider on my window