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Ideas and the time they where tought

The time and ideas are a great story in my live here I show a project which beginns with Fotos (Leica) of trees from the same point over weeks than SVHS Video grabbing and afterwords painting and at last morphing. Now it is a good example how live goes.

"Timeparadoxically Bonsai"

Download please with Getright for example.


Timeparadoxically Bonsai, Picture

Ideas and the right time to find and use them

thought as transforming picture for flatscreen TVs this film was made with one of my Bonsais and my Videocam and a PC with a grabber (and 2 weeks to take the same pictures every day).

Later I used this and other pictures of trees as pilot studies to develop my bonsai glass lamps further.

Okt. 2017