My old english yardstick

This gallery is especially for the people who do not know much about european measurement.

The pictures shows this instrument out of the 1940ies in several positions. The pictures one and two shows ist with a "Zentimeter Mass". This link can bring you to a Gallery with pictures of a lamp and a "Zentimeter-Mass" as the scale.

I normaly work with the Zentimeter scale and you can find the numbers:
[1 Zentimeter (cm) has 10 Millimeter (mm) and 25.4 mm are an Inch]
in several Galleries. Picture 5 shows the yardstick with a brocken Spectrum Baroque glass piece.

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wooden inches and metal Zentimeter Zentimeter below the yardstick
yardstick yardstick
yardstick and a broken stripe Spectrum glass yardstick and Zentimeter