"Red Jellyfish Lamp"

The column shaft of this inimitable Red Jellyfish lamp is made out of one black/white and clear Spectrum Baroque glass disk. It was cut into thin, long stripes to build the column with the ongoing pattern. The structure of the very clear and bright agate slice reminded me to a jellyfish. In this case the tentacle were the glass stripes of the column. Can you see it?

The particular attraction of this lamps is, that nearer you comes more detail you see and other detail may changing.

This twice, once out and once lighted. This picture can only shows one aspect a time, there for you can click on the buttons below the picture and you will see more aspects of this inimitable lamp.

Mass of the lamp     heigt: 602mm;   width: 158mm;  depth 128mm
Mass of the agate:     154mm x 168mm;  and 5mm thick

Red Jellyfish Lamp