here you can find 12 photos of the unique Bonsai Lamp Blooming Cherry Tree
my other sides shows many more tree lamps, glass agate and column lamps as too reflector lamps

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Light 2 Art

Lamp Blooming Cherry Tree

The Bonsai Lamp Blooming Cherry Tree was build out of many different, green glass species and the form has a high complexity.

To show the human eye greater parts than the seams dictate, I worked here also with the ongoing pattern style. Here you can find more photos from this kind of lamps Blooming Apple Tree Lamp.

If you want to see the Tree Lamp blooming, please click on next-Button below the first picture of the Java-Dia-Show.

a great picture of the unlighted Bonsai Lampe Blooming Cherry Tree

Height of this lamp:   390 mm,
diameter of this lamp: 320 mm (about 13 1/4 inches)