Lamp of the months

"Lamp Red Flame"

The columns shaft of this inimitable lamp is made of slim glass stripes. Out of one disk is red, white, and clear of double fibre glass, from the company " Lamberts ".

The large-scale production of this mouth-blown glass, the extra high risk during the cutting and the elegance are the reasons for the importance that has this lamp to me. This also can be seen by the many pictures one can see of this lamp.

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Mass of the lamp     height: 555mm (21 ¾ Inches), width: 122m, depth: 125mm

Mass of the agate    135mm times 105mm, with a thickness of 4,5mm

Lamp Red Flame01 Lamp Red Flame02 Lamp Red Flame03 Lamp Red Flame04
Lamp Red Flame05 Lamp Red Flame06 Lamp Red Flame07 Lamp Red Flame08
Lamp Red Flame09 Lamp Red Flame10 Lamp Red Flame11 Lamp Red Flame12
Lamp Red Flame13 Lamp Red Flame14 Lamp Red Flame15 Lamp Red Flame16
Lamp Red Flame17,  on Lamp Red Flame18, on Lamp Red Flame19, on Lamp Red Flame20, on
Lamp Red Flame21, off Lamp Red Flame22, off Lamp Red Flame23, off Lamp Red Flame24, off