"Lamp Pink Lady"

This lamp's column is cut out of one disk light violet, white and clear Baroque glass manufactured by Spectrum and has an agate slice on it's top. The strong, white and violet sample, with a contrast amazing for these colours, distinguishes this piece of Baroque glass to any other. The lines swing elegantly around the body from left down up to the right above.

The diagonal surface of this object consists of a very bright agate and a piece glass from Uroboros. The agate itself repeats the red colouring of the glass, and in such a way the three components grows together perfectly. This and the ongoing pattern of the glass plate makes the lamp looks so easy and organic. This is really inimitable! .

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Mass of the lamp    height: 580 mm, width: 135 mm, depth: 155 mm;

Mass of the agate    140 mm times 89 mm, by a thickness of 5 mm

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