"Lamp Fine Light"

The column lamp is cut out of one disk black, white and clear Baroque glass manufactured by Spectrum. Particularly the elegant, black/white alignment of the glass plate pleases me. This light shows a strong ongoing pattern with high contrasts draws in both, the agate as well as the used piece of glass. For this pattern the glass plate must be cut into narrow stripes and than must these shaped with diamond tools that they will become mitres around.

You can download my music sound "Fine Light" as mp3 with the link in the title. Please click in a thumbnail below, if you want to enlarge it.

Mass of the lamp    height: 572 mm (22 1/2 Inches), width: 160 mm, depth: 152 mm;

Mass of the agate    160 mm to 150 mm, by a thickness of 5 mm

Lamp Fine Light01 Lamp Fine Light02 Lamp Fine Light03 Lamp Fine Light04
Lamp Fine Light05 Lamp Fine Light06, off Lamp Fine Light07, off Lamp Fine Light08, off
lighted Lamp Fine Light09 right side seen from steep above lighted Lamp Fine Light10 seen from steep above lighted Lamp Fine Light11 left side seen from steep above lighted agate slice in Lamp Fine Light12