here you can find the lighted Lamp Big Wave
my other sides shows many more inimitable glass agate, reflector lamps and also column lamps

"Lamp Big Wave"

The column shaft of this inimitable lamp is made out of one blue/white and clear Spectrum Baroque glass disk. It has to be cut into thin, long stripes to build the column with the ongoing pattern. The particular attraction of this lamps are, that nearer you comes more details you see and other detail may changing. And this twice; once out and once lighted. This pictures only can shows one aspect a time, there for you can click on the buttons below the picture and you will see more aspects of this inimitable lamp.

So far this lamp is my highest product of the series of agate lamps and so it bears big in its name. In my opinion this century will see much more and harder earthquakes than the millenniums before. This would be causes big tsunamis (big waves) if the quake would be under a ocean. You ask, why I think that? With the earth warming and the melting ice (on land) comes a large weight dislocation and the tectonic plates must react on it. So the name of this lamp should remember everybody in the future to this prediction.

Mass of the lamp     heigt 665mm;   width 145mm;  depth 120mm
Mass of the agate     170mm x 145mm;  and it is 4,5mm thick

Lamp Big Wave