Lamp of the months

"Lamp Agate"

The shaft of this inimitable lamp is made out of small stripes cut out one disc of black/white and clear Spectrum Baroque glass. The name of the lamp relates to the special shine and expression of the agate.

To take a photo of the inside of the agate is difficult because the very high contrast. That is why the last two pictures of this lamp are a little dark and the colour is moved.

Please click on a thumbnail below to enlarge it. The link in the titel can bring you to Joe love Lamp's, he always produce lamps out of agate, but he takes the little ones.

measure of the lamp    height 580mm (22 3/4 Inch); width 165mm; depth 138mm

measure of the agate    187mm x 146mm; thickness 5,5mm

lighted Lamp Agate's left side Lamp Agate Lamp Agate Lamp Agate
Lamp Agate Lamp Agate lighted Lamp Agate's right side Lamp Agate, off
Lamp Agate, off Lamp Agate, off The lighted Lamp Agate seen fromm steep above  Lamp Agate, a great picture of it's lighted agate