here you can find the lighted Happy Diwali Lamp
my other sides shows many more unique column lamps, glass agate and reflector lamps

Happy Diwali Lamp

Diwali is an official holiday in India, Guyana, Malaysia, Singapore Happy Diwali is in between mid October and mid November. It is also popularly known as the Festival of Lights. As Matt Cutts wishes all people a Happy Diwali on his blog I know I had to make a lamp with this name.

Here it comes, but 2 happy I am not. I want to build a column out of a red and white patterned glass disc. Glass is a liquid frozen in time and if 1000 years would be a moment 4 you , you could see it flowing as cold it is normally. Therefor glass is an erratic material. This and little inclusions like air makes opalescent glasses more erratic so that shit could happened. In the middle of one stripe glass is a little unmelted material. The stripe was ready grindet but over night it broke 2 two pieces.

Now the lamp has three white and 9 red stripes and is literal not an object for this gallery. But what I said I have 2 do now. Below are 9 great pictures of the lit and unlit lamp Happy Diwali. The last two pictures shows the two miserable pieces and the inclusion.

Here I had 2 decide the future way I have 2 go. I had begun four more lamps in this style (only white, alike light wood, a green and a red one) them I will be completed in the beginning of the next year. Afterwards I try 2 make another Bonsai Lamp. I think this will be enough lamps 4 us and the last new one at Light2Art.

Mass of the lamp:     heigt: 2 feet,
Diameter of the lamp:    5 and 1/2 inch

the lit Column Lamp Happy Diwali seen from step above