The other sides shows my very decorative ; Here you can find and download some of my own mp3 gratis sounds, djingle bells, Intro sounds 4 your HP

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Light 2 Art

Djingle, Intro or Startsound

All this sounds are only for personal use, download is free.  Please consider the references of copyright in my Copyright / Impressum.

If you want use one of this sound below as startsound at your Homepage, please don't forget the text-backlink to

You can write me your comment in a E-Mail with your intentiones.


Download    21 sec: The big orchestra finale
Download    44 sec: The little orchestra finale

Download    the new Fanfare Djingle (0:20), good also as ring tone or startsound
Download    the new pinping drop djingle in a muted version (0:25)
Download    the new pinping drop djingle (0:25)
Download    the new, warm 3-note intro (0:15 sec., 304 KB)
Download    the new Scarlatti DJingle (0:18, 160 Kbps, 352 KB)
Download    der new, good short Flyby Startsound (12 sec.; 242 KB)
Download    the new, FlyBy Startsound (0:25)
Download    the new Goa FlyBy Startsound (0:31, 160 kbps, 607 KB)
Download    the new, short and good guitar riff startsound (0:10 sec., 160 kbps, needs 205 KB)
Download    the new, quick Rock of Ages Djingle (0:20; 160 Kbps; 377 KB)
Download    the new American Motto Djingle (15 explicit sec. needs 303 KB)
Download    the new, short electric djingle (8 sec., 160kbps, 180 KB)
Download    the new Radio Medieval Times Djingle (0:20)
Download    the new Victimae Pasquale 1st Djingle (0:09, 160 Kbps, 179 KB)
Download    the new Victimae Pasquale 2sc Djingle (0:09, 160 Kbps, 195 KB)
Download    the new Victimae Pasquale 3rd Djingle (0:07, 160 Kbps, 154 KB)
Download    the new Victimae Pasquale 4th Djingle (0:25, 160 Kbps, 491 KB)
Download    the new Victimae Pasquale 5th Djingle (0:14, 160 Kbps, 287 KB)
Download    my new Birthday Djingle to the Elises all over the World;
   (most notes by:Ludwig van Beethoven) and to whom,
   who do not like classic music modern styled
   I say that's easy 4 you, don't download this!

Download    the new duett of the flute-birds can also be played as Djingle (18 sec.)
Download    the new, short but good Startsound (0:14)
Download    the new, blend startsound lasted 8 sec. by 161 KB
Download    the new Liszt Piano Djingle (0:20, 400 KB)
Download    the new, Christmassy 3-note startsound (16 sec., 318)KB
Download    the new , short orchestra djingle (10 sec., 160kbps, 210 KB)
Download    the new symphonich guitar djingle (0:16, 160 Kbps, 323 KB)
Download    the new , melodic flute intro (8 sec., 160kbps, 165 KB)
Download    the new sound of bells named "Väterchen Frost Intro" (15 sec., 160kbps, 309 KB)
Download    the new classic Intro 4 Light2Art (17 sec., 160kbps, 341 KB)
Download    the new Light2Art classic Intro (22 sec., 160kbps, 450 KB)
Download    the new , concise Synth and Piano Intro (10 sec., 160kbps, 202 KB)
Download    the new Seaside Resort HP Intro (32 sec., 160 kbps, 662 KB)
Download    the new guitar djingle (0:16)
Download    the new guitar djingle 2 (0:08, 160 kbps 165 KB)
Download    the new Sax Djingle (0:14, 289 KB) would be a nice startsound too
Download    the new Sax Djingle short (especial lank for a startsound, 9 190 KB)
Download    the new french flute djingle (0:14, 274 KB), also a nice Startsound
Download    the new, loud Flute Djingle (0:07)
Download    the new, gentle Flute Djingle also a nice Startsound (0:07 sec., 143 KB)
Download    the new , clear melodic Startsound (11 sec., 231 KB)
Download    the new , short You You You Startsound (7 sec., 155 KB)
Download    the new Brahms Piano Djingle (0:24, 474 KB)
Download    the new musically endpiont B also set by a piano (Länge: 12 Sekunden)
Download    this new musically point A set by a piano ( 0:10)
Download    The Call of the Light; is 1:38 min long
Download    Windy Bells Djingle (1,75 min. long)
Download    Heavy Dose of Drums, the world s longest Djingle (8:58, 160 Kbps, 10,5 MB)

Okt. 2017