The other sides shows my very decorative lamps, ; Here you can find and download some of my own mp3 4 RELAX and 4 free

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Light 2 Art

Light2Art music method 4 RELAX

I hope on this side you will find in the future some nice music 4 Relax.

My method is easy 2 make 4 U but hard to tell 4 me in a foreign language. Therefor a little bit of endurance with me please.

At first let me tell U, that normal the most stressing factor 4 our brain the input over eyes is. The brain had 2 decide whether tell him or dump it and the brains dumps much at that edge. Faster the pictures change 4 look, more 2 decide and more 2 dump 4 your brain. And I guess 2 much dumping stresses us 2 much more than normal people think.

The first Tip: avoid TV with it's fast cuts 4 some time if you want to Relax easily.

The next step will be a nice place, warm but with fresh air where U take place!

My method is easy 2 make and here it comes: here my music (best by ear-phones) close your eyes and dream your own dream on it. I make on this page some demands. But please, take what U want from it (maybe only the music).

And this is my first big title and it' proposal on this page:

Your sitting (in a bathrobe and after a warm bath) on the shore of an ocean. A soft warm breeze comes from sea (your fan heater would make the illusion better) while hearing the water ghosts playing organ on Neptune's instrument. Play with a shell (?smelling helps our fancy a lot) or let ripples out some warm sand of your hand (from kid's playing ground). This music lasted 4:52 min and has 5.6 MB by 160 KBps.

And now U take this wire.

Paint this start-picture out with some adequate and nice memories out of your mind (or Hollywood's).

You can find a links to the other music titles below the picture
of my inimitable glass and agate Lamp Hellfire.

Lamp HellenFire

The Lamp is about 25 inch high and build out of only one glass sheet

The second music title on this page has the same background as the first.

Basic you hear here the sound of the waves rolling on a beach.

But this time it comes with a little bit more and louder (not loud) music parts in it.

The minimal musically Waves are soft and

5:14 min. long; they have a size of 6.2 MB by a 160 KBps rate.

This third and longest music title 4 U is named Canto de Siren 4 Relax. Here you can find elements from both other music titles but the singing goes very nice with the waves and the organ: I think it is easy 2 dream on it the dream:

After a hard and rainy day with some thunderstorms the weather becomes better in the evening. You are going 2 the warm volcanic springs near the Ocean at the island of Iceland.

Sometimes, the natives told U, they heard the mermaids and sirens singing there, while trolls and other oceaniden playing on Neptune's big organ.

So shut your eyes start the Canto de Siren 4 Relax and listen while your fantasy is take U 2 the shores of mystic country.

The Canto de Siren 4 Relax are soft and

21:33 min. long; they have a size of 25 MB by a 160 KBps rate.

A little downstream river cruise is your fourth day dreaming journey on this site. I think you can easily decorate the pictures in your fantasy asking before Google for pictures of a boat trip. Along the water noises you can hear many birds and other animal living at the flood plain as well as smelling the flowers and plants (out of a test-bottle of perfume?). Sometimes you hearing additional a very soft and only betoken music.

Take your cover into the canoe lay down and start the tour. A creek first and later a little river will drive you home in a save and very relaxed mood without needing some help from you.

You can drive with open eyes looking into the sky with it's drawing overcloud or close your eyes and let your ears tell you all about the room you go through.

This music piece heard softly or from a little bid fare away, and you will be able to dance in your mind (nearly weightless) with it's waves for 30 minutes.

The Bachblueten as mp3 4 Relax is soft and it is
8:42 min. long; and have a size of 10 MB by a 160 KBps rate.

The relaxed Sub_Bass has 2 min 7 sec to relax U.

Here two chilly pieces of my music: relaxed Light2Art

Chilly Nature 4 Light2Art. Both have a length of about 10 minutes.

And now my current longest titel 4 Relaxing: Giga Light2Art Chilly 4 Relax it takes 1:06:20 by 160 Kbps and 78 MB.

I could help you? Than it's would be nice and fair if you have some minutes 4 my Art and please can you talk about Light2Art with your friends?

If you would come back in some weeks you will find more of my ideas and maybe some new music also.

You want some more music like these? Than please take your own choice at my main download page.


Okt. 2017